SCHUMACHER is more than a successful fashion label – it is an attitude to life. Its collections gift-wrap that attitude and present it to the company’s customers around the globe. Every individual look is authentic, has its own soul and underscores the individuality of the woman who is wearing it. SCHUMACHER fashion is like the SCHUMACHER woman: multilayered and profound.

The success story of the family firm started in the summer of 1989, when Dorothee Schumacher established the label. The style of her first collection had the look and feel of liberation from the conventions of fashion. From the very beginning, the SCHUMACHER bow has been the firm’s logo. It stands for the fusion of different styles and materials and, as a material metaphor for a gift, also expresses the company’s quality and brand consciousness: ‘Made with Love’.

In 1998, Dorothee Schumacher chose an inspiring place for her spatial and personal expansion: the industrial harbour on part of the river Rhine in Mannheim. The visionary fashion designer commissioned her friend, French star architect Yves Bayard, to design the company headquarters, and he brought the label’s sense of space to life. Flat hierarchies, a great deal of flexibility and the firm’s intrinsic candour are all reflected in the loft in which over 80 employees from around the globe today work as a unit.

“Smart, feminine and full of power – that is what the SCHUMACHER label stands for.” (Berliner Morgenpost 2009)

“SCHUMACHER – lightweight fabrics, soft colours, airy volumes. Sophisticated and guileless at the same time.” (Textil Wirtschaft 2009)





Dorothee Schumacher grew up near Düsseldorf, Germany. She realised that she had a passion for fashion at a young age, and proceeded to follow her dream. It took her to Italy, where she was able to experience the world of exclusive labels behind the scenes. Her inspiration was nourished by the flair of the fashion industry and the great Italian fashion shows. Over time she has developed her very personal style, and her sensual understanding of fashion is still part of each design today. That is what makes SCHUMACHER unique.

The SCHUMACHER style is characterised by Dorothee Schumacher’s sense of humour and the sound and pace of her pulse. She is the ‘heart of the company’, and the heartbeat that sets the tempo of the family company can already be perceived in the next generation.

Her creations are sensations expressed as fabric. Since the early days of the firm, this understanding of fashion has been the primary SCHUMACHER style statement. The first SCHUMACHER shirt collection posed a pure counterweight to severe business looks at the end of the 1980s and heralded the return of femininity. ‘Every woman is multifaceted and unique, and what she wears needs to reflect this. SCHUMACHER’s distinctiveness is already in the germination phase by the time the very first sketches are completed. We create favourite pieces through commitment and love.’
The designer unites the contrasts of high-class fashion with ease, following a very free concept of living: normality results when contrasts become unified.

“Clear and playful, pure and decorative, ladylike and girlish – Dorothee SCHUMACHER knows how to unite contrasts.” (Der Tagesspiegel 2009)

“Dorothee SCHUMACHER doesn't like to follow trends; instead; her collection expresses an attitude toward living with collection instead.” (ELLE 2009)




SCHUMACHER knows that social values and sustainability, outside the firm as well as within it, are the means of creating a better world. Since social and cultural responsibility have many faces and names, SCHUMACHER has developed a special way of expressing the many aspects of the firm. The proceeds from sample collection sales in the new Friends’ Boutique are donated to a variety of projects proposed by SCHUMACHER employees.

The first ‘Friends’ Donation’ was suggested by the Art Direction department, and goes to the Capricorn Foundation. The foundation supports children in the poorest parts of Africa whose parents suffer from HIV/AIDS. With the aid of this charitable trust, SCHUMACHER funds the Girls Orphanage „Menino Jesus“ in Mozambique and wants to contribute to giving the girls there lives worth living. Children are our future and society should give them special protection.
Art Director Stefanie Biegert found out about the project at a birthday party: ‘ ... Tatjana Gallist, the woman who established the Capricorn Foundation, lived in Africa for many years. With a high level of personal commitment, she makes sure that the donations are really used where they are needed the most. She does not only collect donations – she has made the foundation a part of her life. For me that’s very impressive.’



In the past years, SCHUMACHER has been continuously working together with UNICEF. Last year, they made the decision to engage in a continued collaboration on the Bal Shiksha project, an educational project for disadvantaged girls in Nepal.

Schumacher wishes to do more than communicate lifestyle and a certain attitude towards life - they would also like to assist women who desperately need help.

This is why Schumacher has been constantly calling for donations via its own home page and collecting funds for charity by holding friends-and-family sales for sample pieces from previous seasons.

In January 2008, they accumulated € 11,570 by doing so.

Here you can also donate directly




To jump start the 2008 game season, SCHUMACHER is launching together with the Kevin O’Day-Ballet a collaborative effort planned for the long-term.

The premiere performance of “Delta Blues” debuted in November of 2007, and Schumacher supported the ballet and ballet director Kevin O’Day by organizing the celebration of the premiere.

Many of Schumacher’s invited customers, friends and business partners participated in this first very successful evening.

The next project will be significantly bigger; Schumacher will be designing the costumes for the ballet’s new show, “Per Du II,” which will be celebrating its debut on February 8, 2008.

You can find more information about the ballet at:



Auction to fight breast cancer, February 2008

In cooperation with the CANCER ASSOCIATION of SOUTH AFRICA, CALLAGHAN, a South African customer of SCHUMACHER, will be hosting a major auction followed by a party afterwards.

To suit the Valentine’s Day season, they will be auctioning fashion looks in pink to foster an atmosphere of increased love and sympathy.

The proceeds will benefit needy women in South Africa.